Praise from a client

"I know these are just words on a page from someone you probably will never meet.  But, I hope to tell you from my heart how Dr. Sorensen has made a difference in my life.  I struggled mightily, for a long time, before meeting Dr. Sorensen.  Before working with her my anxieties and self-doubt crippled me.  Adult life, career and a relationship, seemed impossible.  Working with her, week after week (sometimes day after day), helped free me from the intensity of my thoughts and feelings. 
     She gave me tools that no therapist had given me before. Email after email we worked on correcting my thoughts; I read her emails constantly as I uprooted my hard-wired beliefs.  I don't know where I would be in my career, or in my relationship (now married), without her.  I was even able to do things because of  my work with her that were so far out there that I wouldn't even day dream about doing them. 
     Now, years later, looking back on my work with her I grow in my gratitude; not just for the things I now have in my life.  But, for the values that she taught me that I think make me a kinder, stronger, and more respectful human being
     Lastly, thank you Dr. Sorensen for pouring your life in your work.  Your words to me were and continue to be powerful and beautiful; filled with perspective and insight that have made a profound difference in my life."
               Sincerely, Tony

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Recovery Program in Action

Dr. M:

October 1st I had a session with a client that had the most precise suicide plan I had ever heard in 22 years of counseling. I, with some other professionals, took the steps to try to make sure that didn't happen.

However, as I met with him today, seeing such incredible change that I know, with reasonable surety, that the suicide will not occur and that his life track is going so much better, I had to thank you for your book.

Breaking the Chain..., along with your workbook, has absolutely turned this guy around. Now, I had him as a client before, around some business coaching, so I am not running off just a six week data base. Your writings and insights have impacted him to the point that his life is no longer in jeopardy.

Just thought I would let you know of the impact you make.

Karl P., LCSW

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General Therapy and Individual Self-Esteem Recovery Work in Person or by Skype

Hundreds of people have had their lives changed and have recovered from the devastating effects of low self-esteem through Dr. Sorensen's recovery program. Dr. Sorensen suffered from low self esteem as a young person and both understands the agony of low self esteem as well as recognizes the destructive self-defeating patterns that are common to those who have low self-esteem. She is available to guide you through a process of removing this hurdle so that you can concentrate on a full and satisfying life.

One-time appointments or ongoing consultation are both available. You may email for more information or to set up an appointment, or choose one of the options below.


Work directly with Dr. Marilyn J Sorensen, one of the foremost specialists in self-esteem recovery work.


emailIf you wish to begin working with Dr. Sorensen via Skype, the fee is $160.00 for a 45 minute session, or $130 for a 30 minute session. To enroll, make one or more payments for $160 or $130 and then email Dr. Sorensen to let her know what days and times you have available and what time zone you are in. Dr. Sorensen works in Pacific Standard Time. She will email you back (usually the same day), selecting a time that is mutually convenient and giving you the rest of the instructions.

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Pay by Check

To pay by check, mail to:

Dr. Marilyn Sorensen
4564 Doyle Street
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Dr. Sorensen Can Help You to Recover From Your Low Self Esteem, Improve Your Relationships, and Live a More Fulfilling Life.

Are you having difficulty finding a therapist, specialist, or consultant in your area to guide you through recovery from low self esteem?

Would you like the convenience and privacy of doing personal growth work by virtual sessions from your office, your home, or wherever you and your computer are?

Dr. Sorensen has successfully guided people from around the world through virtual sessions using Skype to alter the self-defeating patterns, to correct their negative thinking, to improve communication, to develop assertiveness, to build healthy relationships, and to improve the quality of their lives through virtual sessions and in-person therapy. She is available to get you started on the road to recovery from the issues that stand in YOUR way.


A Client who wants others to know about this “Secret to Life”

Dr. Sorensen,

I came across your website while researching to help my young daughter with Social Anxiety. As I was reading your website, I was answering yes and nodding my head connecting with everything on the website. I immediately bought the digital downloads for "Building Healthy Self Esteem in Children" and "Breaking The Chain". I'm still reading the latter and felt compelled to email you now instead of waiting till I finished. Reading your book is like finding the SECRET TO LIFE. As you already have guessed, I have LSE and didn't understand how and why people behaved a certain way. I'm hopeful for myself and more importantly for my daughter.

Unfortunately, my daughters problems are the sum of her father’s and my LSE. I was extremely worried about how to help her since she didn't want to go see a psychologist, and the school counselor has been a disappointment. With your books, my helplessness has given way to new hope. I have the knowledge now to help my daughter little by little each passing day. I feel so blessed I discovered your website at the right time in my daughter's life. She is old enough to understand what I'm teaching and yet young enough so there is plenty of time to change her harmful inner voice. As for me, I wished I had discovered all this wisdom in my early twenties.

THANK YOU so much for you work. I don't know if you realize how important you are to people like myself. I knew nearly everything you said about LSE, but was absolutely clueless as to the mindset of high esteem people. This is the nugget of gold that all LSE need to improve ourselves. I've been reading self help books all my life. I can not stress enough how important your work is.

THANK YOU again from the bottom of my heart, and on behalf of my daughter. A week before finding your website; I hit a low, totally frustrated not having the answers to help my daughter. She was in a lot of emotional pain. Now I have hope she'll come out of her shell and blossom one day. When that day comes, I'll be reminded of this crucial turning point.



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