Washington DC Therapists

Therapists Individually Trained by Dr. Sorensen, and Therapists who have attended a six-hour Conference Training Event

Washington DC

Nikkiah Wyatt Smith, MS, LPC, LMFT

Phone: 703-577-4750
Email: newlpclmff@yahoo.com
Address: 4115 Wisconsin Ave., #107, Washington, DC 20016

J Andrew Stoner, DMin

Phone: 260-438-1293
Email: rpandy@juno.com
Address: 1441 Kennedy Street NW, Washington, DC 20011

Nancy Lasner, RN, MFT

Phone: 202-699-2358
Address: 3051 Idaho Ave NW #223, Washington DC 20016

Dr. Jaeiza Harmal

Phone: 202-536-7133
Email: drjzh@verizon.net
Address: 1137 Wahler Place SE, Washington, DC 20032

Raymon Kemmerer, MS

Phone: 202-210-9218
Email: danonta@gmail.com
Address: 812 Whittier Place, Washington, DC 20012