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Client Testimonial:

Dear Dr. Sorensen:
THANK YOU!  I cannot thank you enough for finally getting to the root of my problems.  I am 50 years old, I have been to three therapists and three religious counsellors and no one has pinpointed the root cause of all my issues.  Two weeks ago I started reading your book on the advice of my son and couldnt put it down.  From the moment I started reading it I saw myself.  This book could have been written with me in mind.  I have finished the book once and am reading it a second time.  The dramatic changes that have taken place in my life in such a short period of time are amazing.  I cannot believe how a book can have such an impact on my entire life.  For the first time in all my life I am walking with confidence, this past Sunday I actually got up and spoke to the congregation!  The old me would have rather been thrown in a pit of fire than stand up and speak publicly!  I have often said that I keep standing on the train tracks knowing a train is coming and I'm paralyzed, I cannot seem to get off the tracks and I keep getting trampled by the train over and over and over.  I have been married three times and was on the verge of looking for a fourth when I picked up your book.  Thank you for making me realize that I am not that horrible person I believed I was.  This is an excellent book and I have since recommended it to several people.  Thank you again for changing my life.

Libby Thomas

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Therapists who have successfully completed the 15-Hour Master's Level Training Program offered by Dr. Marilyn J. Sorensen at The Self-Esteem Institute



Myrtle Anstey, BSW, RSW

Phone: 709-293-0198
Address: Newfoundland, Canada
I have 20+ years of counseling experience and am presently working in Mental Health and Addictions.

United States


Paige Littleton

Phone: 410-262-0006
Address: Baltimore, Maryland


Alicia Roberson, LPC, NCC

Phone: 513-948-0023
Address: 8050 Beckett Center Drive Suite #120, West Chester, Ohio 45069

Washington, DC

Debra A. Cruz, M.A.

Certified Self-Esteem Recovery Life Coach
Phone: 202-494-0205
Address: 3901 Cathedral Ave., NW #316, Washington, DC 20016


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