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For PC users:

Save it to your desktop or desired folder and then double click the icon to open the PDF.

For Mac users:

It will download into your Downloads folder and then double click the icon to open the PDF.

Instructions for Syncing eReader Formats

If you are purchasing our book in the Kindle or ePub format check out our Sync Guides below. They contain complete instructions on how to sync the file you have downloaded with your device. Our PDF format is designed to be specifically used on your pc or mac. Use of the PDF format on the devices listed below is not recommended.

Kindle Sync (not compatible with Kindle Fire)
Nook Color Sync
iBooks Sync

The Kindle-formatted eReader is not compatible with Kindle Fire. Attempting to download this product with Kindle Fire will not work and we will not be able to assist you.

Terms of Service

Book Order Policies

Check your order carefully to ensure you are purchasing the proper format book. We provide our books in paperback format, PDF format, and eReader format. Not all titles are available in all formats.

We offer FREE shipping on all Domestic orders. Domestic book orders are sent Media Mail. International shipping is calculated at time of shipping.

All orders of books are final and cannot be returned.

Paying by Check

If you choose to pay by check without going through the shopping cart software, PDFs and eReaders will not be available for automatic download but will be sent via e-mail.

Book Formats, eReaders, and PDFs

The books for sale at The Self-Esteem Institute™ come in various formats. Not all books are available in all formats. A word about definitions and labels used:

  1. Paper -- We use the label 'Paper' to refer to all physical books, paperbacks and printed books.
  2. PDF -- A PDF (Portable Document Format) refers to a digital version of the physical books. PDFs can be downloaded to your PC or Mac computer. PDFs are NOT intended for use with Kindle, iPad, SonyReader, and Nook.
  3. eReaders -- We use the label of eReader to refer to specially-formatted digital books, specifically for the Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle, SonyReader, and Barnes & Noble Nook.

PDFs and eReaders - what books are available in these formats

breaking the chain Workbook LSE M&M LSE Children LSE bedroom

All Download Versions of Dr. Sorensen's books are copyrighted material and are for your personal use only. They may not be distributed in PDF, printed, or any other form to other readers.

How to order PDFs, eReaders, or Books

In our store, you may view ALL our products and services together or use the CATEGORY navigation in the lefthand column. More detailed instructions are available on our How-To-Order page. Our categories include:

Further Important Information

Please review the information in the right-hand column for syncing instructions and downloading instructions.