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Praise for Dr. Sorensen's Work from Clients & Readers

Turn-around from Suicide

The last two years have been a massive journey for me and I just wanted to thank you for all your help in getting me to where I am today - I wouldn't have believed if you'd told me I would ever feel this good again.

Two years ago, I had more than 40 physical Symptoms of Anxiety, all of the mental ones, had severe de-realisation and de-personalisation and was considering suicide. I became agoraphobic, couldn't leave the house, couldn't even leave my bed. I spent all my time wondering why me and crying.

By the time we met in June 2015, the majority of these symptoms were no longer 24x7 and had reduced in severity due to some work I had done myself, but they would still bounce up to the surface for days / weeks every now and again and I never, ever, felt just, well, normal.

Slowly over the weeks and months working with you and your system, everything has lifted, absolutely none of it remains today and I will remember your guidance and be forever grateful.


"...You Helped Me To See That I Am Worthy As A Mother..."

Hi Dr Sorensen,

I have been meaning to write to you for such a long time! I hope this finds you well.
We worked together more than a year ago and then I returned to work.This is mostly a
letter to see how you are and a letter of gratitude.

I think of you often and the many things you taught me, and still use them today. It has been SO helpful to me. It has helped me enormously to recognize self-esteem attacks and now, if I am mindful, I can use your tools to step back from these, knowing it will pass. I ask myself: is this fact, truth or history? I feel I can step back from them now and not get caught in them. Thank you!

Also, what I am most deeply grateful for is how you helped me to see that I am worthy as a mother, that I care deeply for my children, that I am a good mother. This is what I most needed to see. I only want to bring my children peace, goodness and joy. Thank you for this gift.

All the best to you!


Karen J

David writes:

Dear Dr. Sorensen,

My name is David, and I am just writing to thank you from the bottom of my heart for what you have done for me with your book, "Breaking the Chain of Low Self-Esteem." You have spoken into my life at a crucial time-- I got married a year ago and I wanted to do right by my wife and live up to my own potential, but I felt this heavy weight of incapability due to my LSE.

Now that I have been reading your wonderful book and doing the exercises for about 2 months, I have started to hope again! I have also purchased your workbook and the guide to raising children with healthy self-esteem. I promise to keep going! I owe it to you, my wife and myself. Thank you for your gift to me!


David Geigerman

Dear Dr. Sorensen:

THANK YOU! I cannot thank you enough for finally getting to the root of my problems.  I am 50 years old, I have been to three therapists and three religious counsellors and no one has pinpointed the root cause of all my issues. 

Two weeks ago I started reading your book on the advice of my son and couldnt put it down.  From the moment I started reading it I saw myself.  This book could have been written with me in mind. 

I have finished the book once and am reading it a second time.  The dramatic changes that have taken place in my life in such a short period of time are amazing.  I cannot believe how a book can have such an impact on my entire life. 

For the first time in all my life I am walking with confidence, this past Sunday I actually got up and spoke to the congregation!  The old me would have rather been thrown in a pit of fire than stand up and speak publicly!  

I have often said that I keep standing on the train tracks knowing a train is coming and I'm paralyzed, I cannot seem to get off the tracks and I keep getting trampled by the train over and over and over.  I have been married three times and was on the verge of looking for a fourth when I picked up your book. 

Thank you for making me realize that I am not that horrible person I believed I was.  This is an excellent book and I have since recommended it to several people.  Thank you again for changing my life.

Libby Thomas

Francis writes:

Hi Ms. Sorensen,

I recently picked up a copy of your book Breaking the Chain of Low Self-Esteem and it has helped me tremendously. I basically had no confidence in myself at all, even though I perform at a higher than average level. Your book has changed that.

Once I figured out where my LSE was coming from and what exactly it was, I began to take it apart, one piece at a time. Thank you for sharing your knowledge with me through your book.


Francis Abounad

Rising Self-Esteem

For Dr. Marilyn Sorensen:

My first time I got in touch with Dr. Marilyn was after I found her book, Breaking the Chain of LSE on the internet. I've read many LSE books from various authors but none was that insightful, indicated such an understanding of the subject, or as clear and honest like her book. I've read and first try to work on my LSE issues by myself.

I'm 32 years old and I've been suffering with LSE since childhood I think due too bad parenting (my father had LSE),negative peers and many negative experiences. The major part for me was to even realize I have LSE, which I finally gave attention to, only a few years ago. Since childhood I’ve felt quite a lot of anxiety and insecurity in myself and had many fears about relationships, life, my work...

I discovered my own techniques with dealing with LSE like: daily diary, "mental game points" (short statement which I go through every night so I don't stop continuing on recover), reading many psychological books and being more aware of my thoughts and my behavior and also got interested in other people's behavior. I took decisive steps further in recovery when I decided to work twice a month with Dr. Marilyn via Skype. I believe my full recovery couldn't occur without these sessions. Also I totally agree with statement in one LSE book which is "self help books couldn't ever replace working with professional".

Only within a couple of sessions with Dr. Marilyn (I’ve had 6 of them) I noticed incredible change in my thinking, behavior, my self esteem started to rise. When you fully understand that you were not born with LSE, that you've learned it you don’t need to be embarrassed or feel guilty about it. I was/am very determined on this issue. I think main two things I need for full recovery of LSE is determination and hard work with proper guide by specialized professional like Dr. Marilyn

I think Marilyn is number one LSE writer and therapist in the world and have huge respect for her and her work (she literally saved many people's lives). I will be always grateful to her for help as full recovery couldn't occur without her help. She's also very kind, funny, honest and good-hearted.

Thank you Marilyn.

Simon, Slovia

My Work With Marilyn

After seeking help from various therapists & doctors without any success from cognitive therapy or medication, I found the book Breaking the Chain of Low Self-Esteem.

I am a 39 year-old father of one, and have spent the majority of my adult life suffering from anxiety and depression to an extent that my relationships, career, and general day to day life have been severely effected.

After reading the book, I felt that at long last, there was an understanding of my issues that I could actually relate to. I was so enlightened on reading the book and due to the severity of my issues decided to contact Marilyn Sorensen directly to start with her process of therapy. Yesterday was my 6th weekly session.

After years of struggling, I can honestly say, that now, for the first time in my life, I feel free of anxiety, and free to get on with my life, never before I have been so content, happy and at peace with myself. Marilyn asked me if I was surprised at the short time it has taken for me to take control of my own thoughts, feelings and emotions… and my immediate answer was yes!

It has been 6 weeks now since I started working with Marilyn, and I am a new person, with a full understanding of myself and my emotions, and I have tools to use moving forward.

Through working with Marilyn, I have developed a new way of dealing with day to day life, and I have to say, it is truly amazing for me to be sitting here writing this now.

I guess that if you are reading this, you are looking for help yourself and all I can honestly say is that there is light at the end of the tunnel, I am living proof for one.

I have found a new way of dealing with my low self esteem, and now I can start to live my life to the full.

Marilyn I thank you so much for bringing this to me, I am moving forward really now as you well know!

Andrew Jackson, UK

"Your words to me continue to be powerful and beautiful..."

I know these are just words on a page from someone you probably will never meet.  But, I hope to tell you from my heart how Dr. Sorensen has made a difference in my life.  I struggled mightily, for a long time, before meeting Dr. Sorensen.  Before working with her, my anxieties and self-doubt crippled me.  Adult life, career, and a relationship seemed impossible.  Working with her, week after week (sometimes day after day), helped free me from the intensity of my thoughts and feelings. She gave me tools that no therapist had given me before.  Email after email we worked on correcting my thoughts; I read her emails constantly as I uprooted my hard-wired beliefs.  I don't know where I would be in my career, or in my relationship (now married), without her.  I was even able to do things because of  my work with her that were so far out there that I wouldn't even day dream about doing them.
  Now, years later, looking back on my work with her I grow in my gratitude; not just for the things I now have in my life.  But, for the values that she taught me that I think make me a kinder, stronger, and more respectful human being.
 Lastly, thank you Dr. Sorensen for pouring your life in your work.  Your words to me were and continue to be powerful and beautiful; filled with perspective and insight that have made a profound difference in my life.

Sincerely,  Tony

Powerful Insight

Dr. M.:
In the old days, a gunslinger would notch his belt for every victim of his "expertise".

In a positive sense, I think maybe you should carry around one of your books with tally marks for lives changed. Just today, a client--someone, highly educated and accomplished, but miserable, through sobs, said how she had never realized what a dismal filter this upbringing had caused her and what hope she now has.

Guess what prompted the insight--your book, Breaking the Chain of Low Self-Esteem!!!!!

Thank you! -- Karl

Comments from a reader:

You may have just saved my life. I have been trying with limited success to explain "what I'm about" to therapists and friends and family for years. On my own I found your books. Wow. I found me. ... For the first time ever I have hope. ...

I just want to thank you so much for your wonderful books... Finally after all these years maybe I can come out of my shell and LIVE.

Sincerely, Susan Ross, Boston, MA

Preeti, India, 2011

"My name is Preeti and I am from India. I have been suffering from the problem of low self esteem for a very long time now. and it is only lately that I have become aware of this issue.

I have bought Break the chain of low self esteem & also the Work Book. I am reading the book and following the workbook as well and I must tell you this is a life changing experience.

Never in my life have i ever read any book that let me connect with myself so so closely. It is like reading my own experiences. I thank you so very much for that."

Henry, London, 2007

This book has been a Godsend which has helped me rebuild the self-esteem I thought I had lost and so full marks to the author.

Thank you Dr Sorensen.

A reader from Europe, 2008:

If was as if Dr. Sorensen had somehow filmed my own childhood and was now reading it to me--event after event that created my low self-esteem.

The book is an easy read, easy to understand and provides the reader with lots of suggestions for coping with low self-esteem plus behavioral models of a healthy self-esteem.

Louise, 2008

This book should be required reading as parenting guide to create strong, healthy self esteem within the next generation. It reinforces the power of the mind, thoughts and words that build or break bridges with a perception on how we view ourselves from adolscent to adulthood.

The books have helped me to identify and acknowledge my own personal struggles with an higher awareness of my negative thinking and hope for tomorrow.

I would recommend it anyone who struggle with depression and self esteem issues.