Happiness is high self-esteemInformation for Therapists

All names on this list are therapists who have attended one of my Cross Country workshops and who have requested to be on this list.

I have personally typed a list and then paid my webmaster to put these names on my website because I hope that people in other parts of the U.S. and Canada might be able to find someone who can guide them to recovery from low self-esteem in their area.

In doing so, I reserve the right to decide if someone should not go on this list and I reserve the right to list as much information as I feel is fair. For that reason, I have tried my best, when typing up this list, to accurately read the writing of each person and in one case to omit a name because I could not read the person's writing.

Furthermore, I have limited information to name, credentials, address, city and zip code within each respective state, and have only used facility names if it is a hospital or other public organization as I don't want to be referring to others with an organization who have not attended the workshop. Also, I have used only one form of contact, preferably a phone number and only used an email address when there was no phone number.

I have not included fax numbers. In other words, time, space, fairness, and expense have been taken into consideration in adding these names. Additionally, I have made  a considerable effort to make this correct and at some personal expense of time and money. If a mistake has been made in spelling or phone number that you now wish to have changed, I would have to ask you to pay $10.00 to pay my webmaster to do it. The exception to the $10.00 is for those of you who attended in June, 2010 and who did not indicate your credentials. Send those and we will add them.