Training Feedback

"Excellent presentation. Instructor is knowledgeable and clear and concise throughout the presentation." (Bloomington, IL)

"Dr. Sorensen is a wonderful presenter. I will be able to start using all this immediately. Thanks." (Chicago)

"The presenter reminded me of Ellen Degeneres’ gentle humor in her approach to life and therapy. Her compassionate-curiosity approach to the therapeutic relationship was great!" (Chicago)

Comments from a reader:

I wanted to tell you what an absolute treasure your book on Breaking the Chain of Low Self Esteem has been for me. As I have often told my friends, I would read a paragraph and almost expect to see the words, "and this means you Amanda!" at the end! I saw myself all over this book, and am now on my way to changing my entire life. Amazing how pervasive low self esteem can be, isn't it? But you already know that.

I cannot begin to thank you for all your help.

Amanda M.
Montreal, Canada

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Past events






Marilyn J. Sorensen's Past Speaking and Events Schedule

answering questionsDr. Sorensen is a contracted speaker with Cross Country Education and as such goes on 3-day speaking tours in major cities of the U.S. presenting her Low Self-Esteem Recovery Program to other mental health professionals for which they get Continuing Education Credit. Her audiences include psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers, licensed counselors, prison officials, directors of programs for troubled youth and abused women, pastors, college professors, and teachers in public schools and other areas of child care, doctoral students, medical doctors, nurses, and others.

Events for 2010

reviewing participants workOctober Speaking Events in New York and Oregon

What's Low Self-Esteem? How to Raise Children with Healthy Self-Esteem!

presentationSeptember Speaking Events in New Jersey

June Speaking Events in Mississippi, Louisiana, & Alabama

making presentationApril Speaking Events in Texas, Arizona, and New Mexico

March Speaking Events in Ohio

Events for 2009

Dr. Sorensen Speaking in the Midwest and East, October and November, 2009

Dr. Sorensen speaking about low self-esteem recoveryDr. Sorensen has been retained by Cross Country Education to present (6) all-day continuing education workshops entitled Overcoming Low Self-Esteem: Recognizing and Treating This Prevalent Issue for mental health professionals and others with similar interests in the following cities in the Southeast and Midwest United States.

Presentations or Articles

Dr. Sorensen was interviewed for an article in the Fall 2010 issue of Wastenaw Community College's Career Focus magazine. Excerpt below. Full article here.

Given the choice between hiring two equally bright candidates–a shiny, happy person or a negative sad sack–who would you choose? It’s a no-brainer; individuals exuding self-confidence–faith and trust in their abilities–are those we want to be around and hire. … Marilyn J. Sorensen, Ph.D., a clinical psychologist and author of Breaking the Chain of Low Self-Esteem, says a lack of self-confidence can be a symptom of low self-esteem, a condition where a person mistakenly believes that they are inadequate, unlovable, unworthy or incompetent. This way of thinking only increases a job seeker’s fear of making a mistake or failing–and plunges their level of self-confidence.

Dr. Sorensen was interviewed on November 10th for an article on self-esteem for Woman's Day online magazine.

Dr. Sorensen was interviewed May 1st by a columnist writer for the Times in Victoria, British Columbia for a upcoming article on self-esteem. Read the Edmonton Journal article.

March 5, 2009 Dr. Sorensen spoke at Willamette University's Health Fair in Salem, Oregon. Her presentation explained what low self-esteem is, when it develops, and the inner experience of low self-esteem as well as what's necessary to recover from this devastating problem.

October 2, 2009, quotes from Dr. Sorensen and comments on her work were the main focus of an article in the Edmonton Journal (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada) entitled, How To Give a Healthy Message of Self-Esteem To You Kids, written by Katherine Dedyna, Canwest News Service.

Events for 2008

December 28, 2008, Dr. Sorensen was interviewed for an hour by Eva Herr's radio show, The Infinite Consciousness on BBS Worldwide radio. Listen to the interview. (11.44MB)

Dr. Sorensen was interviewed 11/28/08 by a writer from Shameless magazine in Canada for an article on how self-esteem affects promiscuity and reckless behavior. The article will be published in the Spring 2009 Issue.

A 35-minute audio interview with Deborah Harper, President of Psychjourney, posted on and Psychjourney Audio Book Club blog. Listen Now!

A 40-minute Interview with the host of the The Donna Seebo Show, BBS Radio.