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Many people with low self-esteem try and are fairly successful at masking their true feelings of fear and anxiety that ALWAYS accompany low self-esteem.

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The Self-Esteem Recovery Toolkit

toolkitsPub date 9/02, Retail price: $22.95, 6" X 9" Available in Red, Gold and Blue. Not available in bookstores.

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Self-Esteem Recovery Toolkits are the resource for working daily (on your own) to recover from low self-esteem. Toolkits should be used only after you have read Breaking the Chain of Low Self-Esteem and have worked through The Personal Workbook for Breaking The Chain of Low Self-Esteem. Trying to use the toolkit without the background, strategies, and practice these two resources provide, will likely prove to be discouraging, if not futile.

The toolkit is a padded, attractive, notebook that holds the directions and necessary tools to complete your recovery process. The Self-Esteem Recovery Toolkit is only available as a paperback book.