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All too often low self-esteem is misdiagnosed and individuals continue to suffer from this issue. If a parent is unhealthy, the child has a much more difficult journey through an already challenging world.

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Low Self-Esteem Misunderstood & Misdiagnosed

by Marilyn J. Sorensen, Ph.D


If you suffer from low self-esteem, have you tried therapy and found it ineffective? Was low self-esteem the focus of the therapy, or was the emphasis instead placed on your depression or your anxiety? Do you often feel misunderstood or devalued when you explain to others that you have low self-esteem?

Unfortunately, most therapists do not understand the inner experience of low self-esteem and do not know how to successfully treat it. Consequently, thousands of people pay dearly for professional services only to be misdiagnosed and told they have Social Anxiety Disorder or a Depressive Disorder. Many are encouraged to take medication that they do not need and that only masks their symptoms.

For those of you who wonder why you haven't been able to get the help you've needed, this book is essential. Dr. Sorensen's clear and concise language gets right to the point, strongly charging that therapists have succumbed to the mandate of managed care and a faulty diagnostic manual while ignoring the obvious signs that their clients are suffering from low self-esteem. She challenges mental health professionals to think for themselves rather than to blindly follow the dictums of their profession.

This book is meant to empower those with low self-esteem:

Wolf Publishing Co., Published August 2001, Retail price: $14.00, Paperback, 176 pages

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From the critics:

From Dan Hays - The Statesman Journal

In point of fact, low self-esteem is a serious problem and causes devastating difficulties for some people. But once the trivial press and pop psychologists got hold of the idea, they soon made it seem like it was a problem "everyone" has, a problem solved by watching self-help tapes or reading thin-in more than one sense-books written by overnight "experts."

Now, the concept of low self-esteem seems like a form of psychobabble. But it's not. Marilyn J. Sorensen of Portland [Oregon] knows. She is a clinical psychologist, the founder and director of The Self-Esteem Institute™. Her new book carefully explains what low self-esteem really is, the history of its treatment (or non-treatment), and why it is so seldom recognized or treated seriously. The closing chapter provides information on how to get help. This is an important book that could save lives.

From Today's Librarian - (12/2001)

This is an outstanding resource for anyone who may be suffering from low self-esteem and thinks he could have been misdiagnosed by a mental-health professional. LSE is often passed off by the medical community and general public as a symptom of similar and more accepted disorders, says Sorensen, a clinical psychologist with more than 20 years of private practice. If left unchecked, LSE can lead to depression and social avoidance or, worse, violence and abuse.

Identifying LSE is the first step toward resolution, and Sorensen expertly guides readers in self-evaluation. Even mild LSE sufferers will recognize familiar character traits in the hypothetical scenarios, and take comfort in Sorensen's understanding. The author, who often uses "we" to connect with readers, has excellent writing skills and establishes a warm and comfortable tone. While Sorensen identifies the problem of how people view LSE, her focus here is not to find a solution except to say one should be reached. Aside from Sorensen's companion book, Breaking the Chain of Low Self-Esteem, she lists no other references, possibly due to her rejection of how others view LSE.

From Midwest Book Review

Low Self-Esteem: Misunderstood and Misdiagnosed by clinical psychologist Marilyn Sorensen (founder and director of The Self-Esteem Institute) is a candid, straightforward look at what low self-esteem really is, its harmful effects, why it is frequently misdiagnosed and how sufferers can best find the help they need. An excellent book written specifically for people who have tried to seek help and found nothing useful. Low Self-Esteem: Misunderstood and Misdiagnosed is highly recommended reading.

From Readers

Kathy Henderson, from the Northwest, August 27, 2001

Great book, insightful and informative. As in her first book, Dr. Sorensen reveals amazing insights about low self-esteem that others have obviously not recognized. In fact, her understanding of the issue of low self-esteem could result in amazing and far reaching changes in how therapists and others treat this problem.

Hopefully, her insights in both this and her first book, Breaking the Chain of Low Self-Esteem, will help society finally realize the seriousness of the problem, will help people recognize that low self-esteem is a valid disorder that should be given the attention and validation it deserves, and that people will also recognize that low self-esteem is not easily overcome.

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